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"A pleasure to recommend"

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Adrienne Marais for child care services. My daughter Reese attended Ady’s Munchkins Daycare for over a year and we can’t say enough about our wonderful experience.

Adrienne is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard working. Beyond that, she is incredibly warm-hearted and loves every minute she spends with the babies and children. She takes care of each one of them as if they were her own.

Her knowledge of early childhood development and expertise in child care was on display each day watching Reese learn and development. Adrienne has an unbelievable skillset that she uses to provide the best child care. Along with her undeniable talent, Adrienne has always been approachable and informative regarding our child’s daily care. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive interactions and make the daycare experience truly enjoyable.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Adrienne to care for babies and children. As a dedicated and knowledgeable nanny, and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to yours and your child’s life.

Please feel free to contact me at (678) 463-0813 should you like to discuss Adrienne’s qualifications and experience further. I am happy to speak with you and elaborate on my recommendation.

Sincerely,  Emily 

"Proud to recommend"

 We are more than proud to recommend Adrienne Marais, owner of Miss Ady’s Munchkins, for your growing family. Adrienne took care of our twins (Jack and Ellie) for approximately 3 years, preparing them for the next step into pre-K. She took an active role in their education, and was loved by all.

Adrienne is certified in CPR and first aid, so we felt comfortable and safe leaving our children with her. At times, our children didn’t even want to come home, they loved her so much 😊

Adrienne is excellent with children from newborn on up and would make an excellent child care provider for your family. If you have any questions, you can call us at (ask for a number to call). We’d be glad to share our personal feelings with you.

Craig and Wendy

"The best experience I could ask for"

 My daughter has gone to Miss. A’s since she was 6 weeks old. She has been the best experience I could ask for when it comes to daycare for her. She has grown and has learned so much and amazes me every day when she comes home with a new “trick” as we call it. She came home last week knowing her birthday. That’s right, my daughter is 2 and knows her full birthday, my name, her name and is working on address and phone number! Miss A has a way with making sure each child has learning time and making it fun, therefore meaningful! 

I couldn’t do this single-parenthood journey without my Miss A and her Mary Poppin’s wisdom that I tap into often. Her home has become a second family for my daughter and I am forever grateful to have found such a loving, caring, mothering individual to make sure my daughter to well taken care of when I am working. They say it takes a village and I have to say I completely agree. She treats every child as if they are her own and loves each of them the same way! 

My daughter will continue to go to Miss A’s until takes the next step into school, and in all honesty I am already not looking forward to that step. 


"She loves our son so much and we love her!"

 Please accept this letter of recommendation for Miss Adrienne Marais (Miss A), our son’s childcare provider. Our son is almost two years old and Miss A has been caring for him since he was four months old. Selecting a childcare provider for your child is often times a very tough decision. When we met Miss A for the first time, our son was three months old, he took to her very quickly, and we just knew she would be great with him. 

During his first year, she did a great job communicating with us about his bottles, diapers, sleep patterns, etc. Once he turned one and switched to whole milk and was eating a lot more solids, she did a great job during that period with him as well. Now, we have a very picky eater as a toddler, and he is ‘considered underweight’ and we are trying different things. Miss A has been fully supportive and assisted us in trying all of these new things with our son and his eating patterns all while communicating everyday about how his eating was that day. 

It is extremely important for my husband and I that we have such an incredible childcare provider for our son. We rarely worry about him throughout the day while we are working full-time jobs because we know he is in good hands and having a blast. Most days when I pick him up at the end of the day, he does not want to leave because he’s having such a good time and loves being there so much which is very reassuring.

One of my favorite parts about Miss A’s structured day with our child is the balance of learning and playing. He is not even two yet, and he already knows his numbers, letters, states, planets, months of the year, days of the week, etc. He is speaking very well for his age as well and we know a lot of that is contributed to the time he spends at daycare with Miss A. 

We are expecting our second child next month, and look forward to him having the same experience our toddler is having. We could not be happier with our childcare selection in Miss A. She loves our son so much and we love her!


"She was exactly what he (and we) needed"

 It’s always stressful beginning to leave your child at a daycare. We began bringing out son Everett to Ms. Adrienne when he was only 4 months old, and in retrospect she was exactly what he (and we) needed. She was always very loving & nurturing towards Everett, and having him in a home rather than a commercial environment was more comfortable for us. Even as he grew older and more rambunctious, Adrienne was patient and kind while still maintaining discipline and gaining the love and respect of the children in her care.

She has a daily schedule which includes learning time, indoor play time, outside time, story time, lunch, snack and nap time. For holidays, she always sent Everett home with the most adorable crafts and sweet keepsakes. Everett was always excited to share what he learned during learning time with us.

Everett was with Ms. A for over 3 years. We all miss Ms A very much, but know he is continuing to build upon the educational foundation Ms A began. Just as we were originally referred to her by our neighbors whose twins were in her care, we can recommend her with just as much confidence as well.

Cathy & Brett

Daycare for Babies and Toddlers

We feel blessed that we met Adrienne and she cared for our twins for 3 years. She was sweet and gentle with them, provided a loving environment, and the hands-on attention that infants require. Before they could talk it was evident through their smiles that they enjoyed being with Adrienne. As they began to communicate, they would tell us how much they loved Ms. A! This made us feel at peace leaving them during the day. 

Adrienne communicated well with us and was respectful of our desires. She was flexible and accommodating when schedules changed or something unexpected occurred. We appreciate Adrienne and consider her part of our family. Our children still talk about her and how much they miss being at Ms. A’s house!

Kimberly & Taylor